SAKAI Hiroshi

Surname - Family name SAKAI Hiroshi
Gender M
City (Region) Milan
(MI - Lombardy)
Translation / Interpreter Both (Translation / Interpreter)
Language Japanese / Italian / English
Simultaneous interpreter Yes
Working outside the region Yes
VAT No. (Invoice) Yes
Telephone Confidential
Fax Confidential
Mobile +39-348-5524578
Level of expertise * Good
** Excellent
Politics, law  
Economics, Finance  
Science  **
Electrical machinery, Electronics  **
Mechanics  **
Medicine, Pharmaceutics  *
Chemistry  *
Information technology  **
Design, Furniture  *
Textiles, Fashion  *
Foods  **
Art, Culture  
Tourism, Sports  *
Media  **
Personal profile I specialize on work in the following sectors of mechanical engineering, electronics, computers, car industry, industrial machineries etc.

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Other languages Japanese - Italian