Surname - Family name MASUI Eiko
Gender F
City (Region) Ferrara
(FE - Emilia-Romagna)
Translation / Interpreter Both (Translation / Interpreter)
Language Japanese / Italian
Simultaneous interpreter Yes
Working outside the region Yes
VAT No. (Invoice) No
Telephone Confidential
Fax Confidential
Mobile +39-340-8301152
E-mail Please click here
Level of expertise * Good
** Excellent
Politics, law  
Economics, Finance  **
Science  **
Electrical machinery, Electronics  
Medicine, Pharmaceutics  **
Chemistry  **
Architecture  **
Information technology  
Design, Furniture  **
Textiles, Fashion  *
Foods  **
Art, Culture  **
Tourism, Sports  *
Personal profile I’ve lived in Italy since 1998. In Japan, I studied very well Economics and graduated in Architecture and in Animal Science at Kyoto University where I practiced also tea ceremony and the Zen and I studied the way how to wear the kimono. I won the scholarship for the Vulcanus Programme by EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation (Tokyo, Brussels). During my stay as winner of the scholarship I passed the entrance exam at the Conservatoire. Meanwhile I also studied Italian Religions and about the Catholic Church and the Gregorian chant. Furthermore I got the European Certification as “patisserie”. I’ve been called many times not only as pianist also with my own compositions and a singer of Japanese traditional songs but also as artist of Origami for the art exposition and for the theatre and as speaker about the Japanese culture and language at the University Associations, art spaces, Rotary Club and so on. I also play the miniature Japanese music traditional instrument “koto” even also at the theater. As I’ve always lived with Italian, I can explain logically their way of thinking and living. For many years, I have taught Japanese language to students and for the companies in Italy. I hold the EIKEN Test in Pratical English Proficiency Grade Pre-1 certificate (B2 level of the CEFR). I have got certified to teach Science, Chemistry, Geoscience and Biology at Junior and Senior high schools in Japan. Church organist. Presepista with Origami. Menber of the Mensa Italia.
Other languages Japanese - Italian